Westland all in one safe lawn 400 sqm

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Westland Safe Lawn Child and Pet Friendly Lawn Care feed weed, 400 sq m, 14 kg

Product Features


  • All in one lawn feed weed, thickener and prevents moss!
  • Safe for use in areas frequently visited by children and pets.
  • Thickens and greens your lawn in just a few days.
  • 100% natural
  • Improves the health of your lawn to prevent weed and moss growth.
  • This pack will cover an area the size of 40 car parking spaces.

Westland safe lawn is a child and pet friendly natural lawn feed that contains 100% natural ingredients that will thicken and Green your lawn resulting in the grass naturally preventing the growth of weeds and moss. Westland safe lawn contains fast- acting and long-lasting plant nutrients, friendly bacteria to break down dead leaves and moss and added grass seed to fill gaps and thin areas. When using this product you can expect that in 7 days your lawn will become greener and healthier. The grass seed will germinate to fill gaps and create lusher, thicker lawn. As the grass becomes stronger it will start to outcompete weeds and moss. 


The slow release feed (NPK7-3-5) is carefully balanced to promote greening without creating a flush of weak green growth, and is rich in natural trace elements, bio-stimulants and organic matter.

Produced in-house, to a very high specification, Safe Lawn is dust free and with a vastly reduced odour.

To thicken the lawn, Safe Lawn includes selected lawn seed varieties:
Perennial Ryegrass: promotes fast germination and hardy upright growth.
Creeping Fescues: this spreads and thickens the existing grass.



Coverage: 400m2

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