Tall Standing Teak Duck - 46cm tall!

£19.99 inc. VAT

Delightful contemporary Tall Standing wooden Duck looking straight ahead – carved from the roots of giant teak trees – 46cm tall!

  • Stunningly beautifully carved wooden duck
  • Will fit in to any home or garden as a statement rustic contemporary piece of art
  • Each one is uniquely sculpted so your duck will be one of a kind
  • They are randomly finished with your duck looking straight ahead or slightly left or right!
  • They are solid pieces of art – each one is approx 46cm tall x 20cm wide x 13cm
  • A wonderful gift – or why not treat yourself

Our products are designed to fit within any modern home or garden and are made from the highest quality wood. Each of our ducks is made using teak roots and as a result each piece is unique.

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