Rustic Solid Wood Cheese Board Trays Serving Platters - Set of 3!

£14.99 inc. VAT

24 in stock

Here we are selling a collection of three wooden platters. It is hard to give them just one name because they could be used for so many different things! Potentially, they could be used as:

– A platter for cheese and biscuits or drinks at a party/restaurant

– Holding hot food when you are eating at places that don’t have tables

– A place to put all of your bits and bobs when you are fixing or making things. If you use the two larger ones for in the kitchen imagine how useful the smaller (30cm diameter) one would be when you are fixing your bike or building flat pack furniture and you need to not lose all your screws/dowels.

– Maybe you have a lot of keys and you need one place to keep them all. Problem solved! 

Our products are designed to fit within any modern home or garden and are made from the highest quality wood.

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