Resolva 5 Litres Ready to Use Weedkiller

£26.99 inc. VAT

Resolva 24 hour weedkiller is a convenient 5 Litre ready-to-use spray with a built in spray gun. A revolution in weed control, Resolva combines the speed of a contact killer with a deep-down root-killing action. The results are amazing. Resolva 24H is so quick you see results in 24 hours.

Unlike some weedkillers, Resolva 24H kills the weed and the root, ensuring that once the weed is gone it won’t come back. Resolva 24H’s innovative formula is unique and uses special IQ technology to help it be taken up by the plant much quicker than conventional products.

Always read the label.  Use pesticides safely.

packed weight: 5kg

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