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These are fantastic quality Hedging Laurel Plants (Prunus l. Rotundifolia’) 

Of all the evergreen hedge plants this is probably my favourite!

The leaves are a beautiful dark shiny green and can smell of almonds when crushed. The flowers have five creamy-white petals in the Spring and in the Autumn the berries are a deep red turning darker when fully ripe.

Laurel will grow in sun or partial shade and will be happy on all soil types and aspects – in shallow chalky soils plant in with some compost or composted bark and use bone meal to top dress – don’t use manure as it is too rich for any bare root plant and can damage the roots.

Like all bare root plants, Laurel can only be supplied during the dormant planting season which runs from the end of October to the end of March but may be ordered at any time of year to ensure your supply as we may run short of some plants if demand outstrips supply.

Customers in rural areas may wish to protect their plants from rabbits. Please see our section on rabbit guards.

We highly recommend planting with Rootgrow Mycorrhizal gel to ensure that your plants have the best start in life. Rootgrow helps establish a good root system so that your plants are able to absorb all the water and nutrients they need.

We will send you our FREE guide to hedge planting with your order confirmation or this can also be downloaded from our home page.

How to plant:

We recommend that you plant in a single or staggered row at the rate of 5 per metre so just order the number of packs you need for the hedge length you are after!

Many apologies but due to a change in plant health law following Brexit, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland. We are working on this and hope to find a solution soon!

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