Hotline Gemini HLC40 Dual Power Energiser

£99.99 inc. VAT

Will run from either a 12v battery or mains – the most powerful dual energiser in the Gemini range

  • Stored Energy – 2.4 Joules
  • Output Energy – 1.2 joules
  • maximum fence length under ideal conditions – 18000 meters
  • ideal for cattle, horses, pigs, lambs and poultry systems.
  • comes with a 3 year warranty

Gemini energiser range runs from either a 12v battery (and solar assist) or from a mains power supply. Perfect for those wanting flexibility to move between a temporary, portable fence, to a low maintenance mains system.  Ideal for a range of small scale fencing needs for both the small holder and horse owner who want to protect gardens, poultry, horses, cattle, pigs and sheep.

  • 0.8 joules stored, 0.45 joules of power output 110/240v mains input
  • Fully sealed and weather proof self hanging on post/wall.
  • LED indicators showing power status Solar Assist compatible (5w, 10w & 20w)
  • Comes with earth, fence and battery leads and mains adaptor plug. Ideal for small paddocks, short lengths of strip grazing and poultry set ups. Max 8km, 5 sheep nets or 2 poultry nets in ideal conditions.

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