Holly 40-60cm

£31.99£328.99 inc. VAT


This is for a pack of fantastic quality Holly Plants (Illec Aquifolium)

Holly is an evergreen hedge plant or tree loved by many for the shiny green leaves and red berries used for Christmas Decorations. However, the white flowers in spring are pollenated by Bees and the red berries are a vital winter food for wild birds and animals.

It is also an ideal plant to use in a shady area as it’s natural habitat is in woodlands below tree canopies.

These will be delivered in P9  plant pots

Demand often outstrips supply with holly so it is advisable to order early.

We still recommend the use of Rootgrow mycorrhizal gel to help establish an excellent root system. Don’t forget rabbit guards in Rural areas as rabbits can happily munch through young holly plants.

We recommend that you plant in a single or staggered row at the rate of 5 per metre so just order the number of packs you need for the hedge length you are after!

Many apologies but due to a change in plant health law following Brexit, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland. We are working on this and hope to find a solution soon!

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