Large Teak Pear Ornament

£28.99£52.99 inc. VAT

  • A delightful wooden pear carved from the roots of giant teak trees
  • Each one unique – with natural patina, swirls in the wood and naturally occurring holes where the wood has been formed around branches, all making for a beautiful sculptural effect
  • This sculpture would make a wonderful centrepiece for a room or a feature for a garden
  • Colour will naturally fade if left untreated or remain vibrant with the use of teak oil
  • A solid wood construction makes these pears a good weight and means that they wouldn’t crack easily at all!

25cm Tall Pear: Approximate size 25cm tall by 12cm diameter, 1-2kg

29cm Tall Pear: Approximate size 29cm tall by 13cm diameter, 2-3kg

32cm Tall Pear: Approximate size 32cm tall by 14cm diameter, 4-5kg

39cm Tall Pear: Approximate size 39cm tall by 24cm diameter, 6-8kg

Sizes and weights vary slightly due to the bespoke crafting and water content of each product.

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