Buddha scent Diffuser - reed, flower and candle gift set - 32cm diam

£24.99 inc. VAT

  • Buddha diffuser and candle gift set – delightful zen buddha set including wooden tray, diffuser, rattan reeds and decorations, glass scented candle, fabric flower and of course Buddha himself!
  • Ideal for indoor use – beautifully perfumed and fun to rearrange
  • Thai style Buddha – ideal for Yoga or mindfulness
  • A lovely gift idea
  • Bring the outdoors indoors and enjoy the calmness that that brings

Imagine the scene:

The lights are down low. The candles flicker in the half darkness as you relax after a long day. The bamboo scented diffuser helps calm you down and makes you feel relaxed like how you would feel walking through a bamboo forest in the dottled sunlight. After you rearrange the tactile fabric flowers into a combination that pleases you, you sit down and feel all the pent up energy flow out through your finger tips and toes.

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