Alder 2-3ft

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This is for a pack of fantastic quality Alder plants (Alnus Glutinosa)

Alder gets it’s Latin name because the stickiness of its buds and young leaves – it is a fast growing plant – about 60cm a year and will grow in any soil type, except very alkaline soils, it is ideal for poor soil and very wet ground and as such is great as a flood defense plant.

Alder is also efficient at fixing atmospheric nitrogen not only for its own use but it also makes nitrogen available to other plants growing nearby. You can plant Alder as a single species hedge, or combine with other native species and allow them to receive the benefits which Alder provides and add more variety for local wildlife and butterflies etc.

The Plants do not require particularly good soil and will quickly make a dense hedge which is easy to maintain from 3ft upwards. Each plant will grow approximately 25cm each year given average conditions and can be planted in full or partial shade.

Like all bare root plants, Alder can only be supplied during the dormant planting season which runs from the end of October to the end of March but may be ordered at any time of year to ensure your supply as we may run short of some plants if demand outstrips supply.

Customers in rural areas may wish to protect their plants from rabbits. Please see our section on rabbit guards.

We highly recommend planting with Rootgrow Mycorrhizal gel to ensure that your plants have the best start in life. Rootgrow helps establish a good root system so that your plants are able to absorb all the water and nutrients they need.

We will send you our FREE guide to hedge planting with your order confirmation or this can also be downloaded from our home page.

How to plant:

We recommend that you plant in a single or staggered row at the rate of 5 per metre so just order the number of packs you need for the hedge length you are after!

Many apologies but due to a change in plant health law following Brexit, we are currently unable to ship to Northern Ireland. We are working on this and hope to find a solution soon!

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