Tree Defenders with Stakes - 60cm

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This is the easy way to protect your newly planted trees from rabbit and herbicide damage.

Each Tree shelter is 60cm tall. They also come with a 90cm tall slow grown pressure treated stake so you have everything you need for simply assembly. Use this to protect from hares and rabbits -they also act as a strimmer guard. 

  • The, 60cm defenders are square in shape and easily fit over your new saplings
  • They have a pre-cut slits in the side for you to slip the stake down
  • The benefit of square shape defenders rather than the round ones is that they allow plenty of air to circulate around your plants and are designed to naturally split when the trees are large enough to no longer need protection
  • The fitting takes seconds and will protect your tree until it is old enough to look after itself
  • The defenders also accelerates growth and promotes a straight trunk as the trees reach for the light and benefit from a warmer micro-climate within the defender
  • Soft top feature to reduce effects of chafing or rubbing
  • Easiest and quickest protector to install as no ties or fixings required
  • Twin walled extruded polypropylene sheet – 100% recyclable material
  • The supplied stakes are 90cm tall. This means you will have a very sturdy shelter anchor because the stake can be sunk 30cm deep

There is a minimum order of 10 defenders with stakes. For every unit you order, you get one defender and one stake.

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