5kg Tub of Proctors Turbo Fruit fertiliser

£19.99 inc. VAT

This is for a 5kg tub of Proctors Turbo Fruiter fertiliser.

It is specially blended to be the ideal fertiliser for all soft fruits and fruit trees to give you bumper crops of great tasting fruit.

The chemical composition is 5-5-10 (nitrogen, phosphate and potash) plus essential trace elements and magnesium. The application rate is 35 grams per sq metre.

Containing magnesium and T/E, Turbo Fruiter also contains iron which is essential for healthy plants. Symptoms of iron deficiency include leaves turning yellow or brown in the middle and between the veins, but also result in poor fruit quality and quantity. Any plant can be affected, but raspberries and pears are particularly susceptible.

The price per kilo is considerably cheaper than you would pay when buying a similar product in small boxes from DIY stores or garden centres.

Application rate: 140g sq. m – dug in. 70g sq. m – top dressing.

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