5kg Tub of Proctors Spring and Summer Lawn feed

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5Kg Sack of Proctors Spring and Summer lawn feed

The chemical composition is 11- 5 – 5. The application rate is 35 grams per sq metre.

You will notice a huge difference if your lawn is well fed – apply every 4 weeks during the growing season. Within a few days it will be lush and dark green. This very safe to use product is designed for all lawn types of all sizes. It is made as a mini-granular for easy application while still providing a good coverage. Proctors Spring and Summer Lawn Feed will give your lawn that lush look that you crave for.

Proctors have been supplying fertilizers for nearly two hundred years and are a highly respected company in the industry.

You can use this fertiliser through to the end of September.

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