Weed, feed and moss killer will selectively kill weeds in your lawn whilst feeding your grass and turning it a lush green. The added iron content will kill the moss.

Unlike other similar products, Proctors still use a micro-granular rather than mini-granular, and haven’t increased the iron content just to compete on the sq. meter coverage per bag. This means Proctors LFW+M is safer to use, and in many instances has 4 times as many granules per sq meter, making it more effective at reaching those troublesome weeds.

Proctors is a family firm and has been supplying quality fertilisers for nearly 200 years and are highly respected.

Each 5kg tub is enough to treat 150 square metres at the recommended rate of 32g per sq m

The Chemical breakdown is: 10-2-1.7 with 8% Iron to kill your moss.

It is effective against broadleaves weeds of the following species:

Dandelion; Creeping Buttercup; Creeping Cinquefoil; Daisy; Geater Plantain; Birds-foot Terfoil; Lesser Trefoil; Mouse-ear Chickweed; Ribwort Plantain;Selfheal; Thyme leaved Speedwell and White Clover.

For persistent weeds you may need an additional treatment. Safe for pets and children once the granules have been watered in and dissolved.