50m Roll of L8/80/15 Stock Fence - Height 80cm

£61.99 inc. VAT

This is for a 50m roll of galvanised wire netting 80cm tall – ideal for dog proofing your garden and livestock

The specification of the wire is L8/80/15

  • The ‘L’ refers to the weight of the wire- the top and bottom wires have a diameter of 2.5mm and the intermediate horizontal wires have a diameter of 2.0mm
  • The ‘8’ refers to the number of horizontal wires
  • The ’80’ is the height in cm
  • The ’15’ is the distance between the vertical wires – the horizontal wires are much closer together at the bottom of the fence so even the smallest dog can’t escape!
  • The wire is manufactured in the UK and is manufactured and galvanised to British Standards.

This wire is ideal for most stock fencing situations. You may wish to top the fence with one or two strands of barbed or line wire – just visit our shop!

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