50m Roll of L5/60/15 Stock Fence - Height 60cm

£41.99 inc. VAT

This is a light stock fence, and is ideal to use for Dog or Child proofing a garden and the 60cm tall fence is often known as hedge fencing as it can be run along the bottom of a hedge to make it secure.

  • The ‘L’ refers to the weight of the wire- the top and bottom wires have a diameter of 2.5mm and the intermediate horizontal wires have a diameter of 2.0mm.
  • The ‘5’ refers to the number of horizontal wires
  • The ’60’ is the height in cm (i.e.4 ft)
  • The ’15’ is the distance between the vertical wires in cm.

The wire is manufactured in the UK and made to the highest standards and specification. It is heavily galvanised to British specification BS EN 10244 class A ensuring quality and long life.

If erecting low fence, we suggest you use our 1.2m 50mm diameter fence posts

Don’t forget to order fence staples, posts¬†and straining wire to erect your fence!


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