50m Roll of L10/120/15 Stock Fence - Height 120cm

£96.99 inc. VAT

This  is for a 50m roll of galvanised wire fence netting 1.2m or 4ft tall

This wire is ideal for most stock fencing situations. You may wish to top the fence with one or two strands of high tensile barbed or line wire, this can be useful if you have especially large or bouncy animals – it is also very popular for dog proofing gardens because the gaps at the bottom of the fence are smaller than the top, stopping even the smallest of dogs escaping!

The specification of the wire is L10/120/15

  • The ‘L’ refers to the weight of the wire- the top and bottom wires have a diameter of 2.5mm and the intermediate horizontal wires have a diameter of 2.0mm.
  • The ’10’ refers to the number of horizontal wires
  • The ‘120’ is the height in cm (i.e.4 ft)
  • The ’15’ is the distance between the vertical wires in cm.

The wire is manufactured in the UK and made to the highest standards and specification. It is heavily galvanised to British specification BS EN 10244 class A ensuring quality and long life.

If erecting a garden fence, we suggest you use 50mm diameter fence posts for up to 50m runs – for longer runs the 75mm diameter posts are more suitable.

Don’t forget to order fence staples, posts and straining wire to help erect your fence!

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