3ft (90cm) Bamboo canes

£0.25 inc. VAT

These are strong 3ft bamboo canes and are ideal for plant supports – simply order as many as you need!

  • Ideal for plant support and simple structures
  • Grade A Bamboo Canes all the way from China. Strong and flexible these canes will serve you well and last too.
  • Thicknesses range from 6-10mm
  • Please note: Thickness is guaranteed for the thickest end of the bamboo, the thin end is guaranteed to be at least 70% the thickness of the listed size.
  • Canes for supporting plants and shrubs
  • Clean and infestation free
  • Packed weight: 8g per cane
  • Minimum order of 20 canes

Excellent to use with our spiral guards for hedge planting

The bamboo cane is pushed into the ground next to the newly planted hedging plant and the spiral guard is wound around both the plant and the cane thus supporting the plant and the guard.

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