20kg Jumbo sack of Blood Fish and Bone 100% Organic Garden General Fertiliser

£29.99 inc. VAT

20kg Jumbo Sack of BLOOD FISH & BONE (5-6-6)

A traditional, 100% organic based fertiliser derived from natural materials.

As a balanced fertiliser, it is widely used as a top dressing on lawns, flowers and vegetables. The nutrients in BFB are slower to release than other fertilisers so are excellent when a long term feed is required.

It will considerably boost the growth of shrubs, hedges, trees and flowers as well as fruit trees and bushes.

The price per kilo is considerably cheaper than you would pay when buying a similar product in small boxes from DIY stores or garden centres – this is just one of our huge range of fertilisers and lawn care products – please just browse our shop or call us on 01420 768 242 for any advice.

* Uses: Ideal for soil improvement, planting and feeding of established plants.

* Application Rate: Use at recommended rates. For best results the product should be worked thoroughly into the soil and the soil moistened generously after application. During dry weather, water before and after planting.

* Apply: Can be applied throughout the growing season from February to the end of October, every 4-6 weeks.

* Nutrient Content: NPK 5-6-6.




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