16kg sack of Westland Aftercut Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer - All in one

£26.99 inc. VAT

16kg Sack of Westland Lawn Feed Weed and Moss Killer – now with FREE P & P!

Weed, feed and moss killer will selectively kill weeds in your lawn whilst feeding your grass and turning it a lush green. The added iron content will kill the moss.

Westland Lawn Feed, Weed and Moss Killer is a balanced lawn fertiliser with added moss control, containing a high level of nitrogen for controlled growth. The blend stimulates growth, kills moss and eradicates weeds. For best results use in the spring and summer to achieve a greener lawn in seven days.

This 16kg bag is enough to treat 500 square metres once or half of that twice etc and is so much cheaper than buying the small bags from the DIY stores and garden centres.

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