10Kg sack of multi-purpose lawn seed - 300 sq m

£36.99 inc. VAT

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This listing is for a 10kg sack of our best selling, top quality grass seed formulated for lawns that get some tough treatment, for example from children and pets. It contains fast establishing grasses which will quickly produce a dense lawn.  The grass varieties are hard wearing containing some rye grass for toughness but fine enough to produce a beautiful lush green lawn for as little as just 14p per square metre.  

For a fast establishing lawn use at the rate of 70 grams per square metre. This can be reduced to 35 grams per square metre if you are prepared to wait a little longer for your lawn.

Can be applied at any time in the growing season when there is enough rain likely to fall. Spring and Autumn are the best months but may be sown right through the summer as the seed will wait for the right conditions and will not be wasted. Packed weight: 10.5kg

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