20kg sack of Proctors Organic Bonemeal fertiliser

£29.99 inc. VAT

Bonemeal is a very long lasting slow release organic fertilizer ideal for trees, shrubs, hedges and flowering plants as a root builder.

A traditional source of nitrogen and phosphate derived from animal waste, it’s a popular versatile organic product for use on bulbs, shrubs, planting of trees and as a dressing on vegetables and plots. The nitrogen becomes available over a week or two of microbial action, and the phosphate is almost as available to crops as that of superphosphate. Don’t be put off by this product’s strong smell, as this gritty powder fertiliser is excellent for all round the garden.

You will notice a huge difference if your plants are well fed.  Feeding will drastically reduce the time taken for a hedge to reach it’s desired height. You can use Bonemeal with any plant by simply sprinkling a small handful around the stem of your plant.

We are offering a 20 kg bag at a price per kilo which is a fraction of the cost of small packs available from the DIY chains and garden centres.

Application rate: 140g sq. m. Dig in well.

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