Wire Netting Mesh 1.2m (4ft) Tall

£42.99£77.99 inc. VAT


This is for a roll of wire mesh. The height of the mesh is 120cm (approximately. 4ft)

  • The wire comes in a variety of lengths and mesh sizes
  • The wire is a galvanised 1mm diameter gauge to ensure a long rust free life

It is suitable for many types of fencing such as child and dog proofing a garden, plant protection and support, fruit and vegetable enclosures in the garden and on the allotment and for chicken or other pets.

  • 50mm mesh: typically used for animals larger than a chicken but smaller than a small horse.
  • 31mm mesh: recommended as protection for poultry runs or against rabbit and hare damage.
  • 25mm mesh: extremely strong when compared to the standard 50mm mesh. Particularly useful for use with large chicken and poultry runs.

If you are looking for a heavier mesh than our 25mm mesh size please look at our variety of aviary meshes.

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