1.2m (48 inch) Aviary weld mesh - Mesh Size 50mm x 50mm (2 inch square) 30m roll

£99.99 inc. VAT

This is heavily galvanised wire mesh. The height of the mesh is 120cm (approximately 4ft) and the mesh size is 50mm x 50mm (2 inch square). The wire diameter is 1.6mm.

The mesh comes in a 30m roll.

The very strong electro-welded mesh has a multitude of uses apart from cages and aviaries. It can be used for dog-proofing a garden or repairing fencing or for covering or surrounding a pond, protecting tree trunks from animals, making chicken coops or animal enclosures,  security screens on windows etc. As well as being much stronger than other mesh options (such as chicken wire), it is more rigid and just looks more professional.

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