Picket Gate & Fencing

Beautifully hand made round top Picket Gate & Fencing. Perfect to improve the aesthetic of your garden while giving a professional look and ensuring security!

Key Features of our Product:

• This is for a very well made and constructed picket gate which is designed to match our picket fences
• Each Picket is approximately 74mm wide with a 55mm gap between each picket to give you a very well made and solid gate
• These are produced from sustainable forests in Scandinavia so are much stronger than many other cheap gates
• They don’t need any other treatment but can easily be painted and stained – when constructing we recommend a gap of at least 20mm from the ground to the bottom of the fence
• We also sell matching picket fences (1.8m long x 90cm tall) and (75mm diameter x 1.65m tall) fence posts, which are perfect to fit them with!
• Minimum Order Quantity is two – sent out on a pallet direct to your door!

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Slow grown for extra strength:

Due to the colder climate in Scandinavian and Baltic countries the trees in this region grow much slower than in other parts of the world and the rings are much closer together.  More tree rings mean stronger posts as the wood is much more dense. Stronger posts last longer and are less likely to break. Consequently, your 50mm round wooden post will be more durable then a UK grown post! We have a minimum online order of 10. For those who want to buy less than 10 stakes please phone 01420768242 and we can help arrange your order. (Please note wooden stakes may show shrinkage cracks as they dry which will open and close with the weather. This is normal for slow grown posts and does not affect their functionality – in fact it makes them stronger!)