Wooden Fence Posts

We have a wide range of high-quality wooden fence posts available for your every fencing need! Whether its for a small temporary fence, a fence to keep the dogs in, or a large commercial stock fence we have a solution for you!

Key Features of our Products:

• Scandinavian slow grown Wooden Fence Posts & Stakes
• These are at least twice as strong a British agricultural grade tree posts
• All posts are treated with HC4 preservative for a very long life
• Comes with a 15 year warranty against rot
• These are strong, new, top quality posts ideal for any heavy duty jobs
• Much cheaper than DIY Stores
• Next working day delivery service

How to knock in a fence post:

Usually you need to knock your fence post around 45cm into the ground – measure from the top of the post around 1.35m down and mark the post at this level – all your posts when knocked into the ground will then be the same height! Use a trowel to dig a pilot hole to help ease the post into the ground and then either use a post knocker or a sledge hammer to hit your post into the ground!

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Slow grown for extra strength:

Due to the colder climate in Scandinavian and Baltic countries the trees in this region grow much slower than in other parts of the world and the rings are much closer together.  More tree rings mean stronger posts as the wood is much more dense. Stronger posts last longer and are less likely to break. Consequently, your 75mm round wooden posts will be more durable then a UK grown post!

We have a minimum online order of 10. For those who want to buy less than 10 stakes please phone 01420768242 and we can help arrange your order.

(Please note wooden stakes may show shrinkage cracks as they dry which will open and close with the weather. This is normal for slow grown posts and does not affect their functionality – in fact it makes them stronger!)