Wire Mesh

Wire mesh, also called chicken mesh, is commonly used in gardens and on farms to enclose small animals. Wire mesh has lots of uses making a cost-effective, easy to erect fence to dog proof your gardens, protecting your crops from rabbits and hares, and even to fox proof your aviaries and chicken runs.

We have a wide range of products available from 90cm tall all the way to 180cm, as well as mash sizes from 25mm – 50mm. Here at Farm and Garden Supplies we have the right product for all your wire and chicken mesh needs!

Types of wire mesh:

Wire mesh refers to hexagonal mesh and there are 3 common sizes:

Chicken wire – these meshes have a 50mm gap between the top and bottom of the hexagon. This is the cheapest type of wire mesh and is ideal for light and temporary fencing jobs.

Rabbit wire – these meshes have a 31mm gap between the top and bottom of the hexagon. Stopping rabbits and hares from getting into your crops and flowers is its main use. Lay the first 35cm of the mesh to the outside of the fence and then either pop some compost and grass seed on top or weigh down do the mesh matts into the soil to form a barrier to stop rabbits digging under. Don’t bother trying to bury the mesh into the ground – rabbits can dig deeper than you ever will!

Poultry netting – these meshes have a 25mm gap between the top and bottom of the hexagon. It is super strong to deter foxes.