Wire Mesh & Fencing

We stock a wide range of Stock fencing, wire mesh, and square mesh for your every need – be it in the garden, at your allotment, or your farm field. Here at farm and garden supplies we have put together a comprehensive range of different mesh and fencing options as well as the accompanying straining and barbed wire.

We are often asked about the different types of wire mesh & fencing – so here is a crash course!

Wire mesh has lots of uses making a cost-effective, easy to erect fence to dog proof your gardens, protect crops from rabbits and hares, as well as fox proofing your aviaries and chicken runs.

Aviary mesh is always rectangular or square and makes a denser neater fence in a garden. Used on the bottom section of a post and rail fence as well as to keep birds!

Stock Fence is a low cost way to fence a garden, field or allotment. It is ideal to use as dog proof fencing and is perfect to use before planting a hedge or shrubs if you want to hide the fence but also have a secure boundary. Heavier grades of Stock fencing are ideal for horses, cattle, and other livestock.

We also have a wide range of line wire as well as barbed wire to complement your fence. If you have any questions, please call a member of the team and they will be more than happy to help!

All of our Wire Mesh & Fencing products are heavily galvanised to provide only the best long-lasting products for our customers.  Our products are galvanised to British Standard BS EN 10244 class A, guaranteeing the long life of the wire.