Spiral Guards

Key features:

• Spiral Guards 60cm are the most economical way to protect your Hedge Plants from being destroyed by rabbits.
• Spiral Guards 60cm (2 Foot) tall. Spiral guards protect small saplings and hedge plants right up to 4m trees.
• The guard expands as the plant grows. From 3cm diameter to 15cm.
• Made with strong ridged, yet flexible polypropylene.
• They have pre-cut holes to allow for air circulation so the plants can easily breath and avoid mildew build up.
• Arrow shaped holes indicate which way the spiral guard goes on your tree!
• Rainbow manufacture our Spiral Guards 60cm. One of the oldest established landscape companies specialising in tree guards.
• You can chose one of our three colours to help blend the guards into your landscape.
• Made from 100% recycled material.

Why Use a Spiral Guard?

Spiral guards are ideal to use for plants up to 3 years old which have softer bark that rabbits love to chew. Rabbits can devastate a new hedge in a couple of days, especially in winter when food is more scarce – there is nothing worse than spending a lot of time and money on a new hedge to see it eaten right away! If you live in a countryside area or have a rabbit population nearby then it is essential to protect your hedges and trees.

A great combination with bamboo canes!

The bamboo cane is pushed into the ground next to the newly planted hedging plant. The spiral guard is then wound around both the plant and the cane. Thus supporting the plant and the guard.