Rootgrow – The essential treatment for all bare root plants!

Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi – we recommend it be used for all bare root plants. We sell the special gel packs so that you can easily mix up your rootgrow and dip in the roots before planting. We do pack sizes from 360g up to 10kg tubs.

How do mycorrhizal fungi benefit plants?

In its simplest sense, mycorrhizal fungi do everything plants roots do just BETTER in an entirely natural and organic way.

When planted with rootgrow it takes 2-4 weeks under normal conditions for the fungi to start benefiting plants. In that time they attach themselves to the plant’s root system and grow out rapidly into the soil, searching for nutrients and water. They essentially become part of the plant’s own root system. This increased the active root area of plants by up to 700 times – it is approved by the RHS and we recommend that all bare root plants have their roots dipped into Rootgrow when you plant them.

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Why do I need Rootgrow?

All plant roots in all soils have a relationship with a staggering array of microorganisms. One of the most important families of these microorganism are the mycorrhizal fungi.

Most gardeners buy or raise plants in sterile composts where the plants have easy access to the essential nutrients. However a soon as they are planted into soil, the root environment changes radically which can lead to plant failure and poor growth. In most soils there simply are not enough of the right type of native mycorrhizal fungi close enough to the new plants roots to colonise fast enough to show the incredible range of benefits complete colonisation of a host plants roots can achieve.

This is why it is so important to use rootgrow. Just 1 teaspoon can contain up to 5000 pieces of fungi all ready to explode into growth, colonising every millimetre of a plants roots in a matter of days. A new plant with a fully functioning mycorrhizal root will have the best chance of becoming the rewarding plant gardeners so passionately want to thrive in their gardens.