In this section we have put together a collection of the most popular Hedging plants for your home and garden. From Laurel to Privet, and Dogwood to Box we have a fantastic range of Hedging Plants curated by our resident plant team. You will find both bare root and potted hedging here – but what’s the difference?

Bare Root or Potted Hedging?

Bare root hedging can be planted from November to May when the plants are dormant. Bare root plants are a great and cost-effective hedging solution. When they arrive with you the plants will be dormant – so it can take a while for your plants to settle in! It is not unusual to see limited growth in the first few months or so whilst your plants establish their roots. Don’t worry this is totally normal! When Spring arrives your plants will soon develop and thrive!

Potted Plants are the easiest and most straightforward way of planting Hedging. They can be planted all year round. Potted plants are ideal for the summer months when bare root plants are unavailable. Our Potted plants are all grown in our UK based plant nursery and have benefited from the continuous nurture of our resident plant team! Potted plants have the advantage of a fully established root system – so as soon as they are in the ground they will quickly flourish!

How to Plant:

We recommend planting 4-5 plants per meter in a Zig-Zag pattern, depending on the size you buy, if you want a thick garden hedge reasonably quickly. For best results when planting your hedge, we would recommend that you use Rootgrow gel – it increases the growth rate by up to 50% and really helps your hedging to establish itself quickly.

If you have any questions or queries about your Hedge Plants, Tree Guards, and Garden Hedging please feel free to reach out to a member of the team for quick and friendly advice!

Many apologies but due to a change in the DEFRA plant health regulations following Brexit we cannot ship Plants to Northern Ireland – we are working on this and hop to find a solution soon!