Deer Sets

Our unique cast aluminium deer sculpture garden ornaments are hand-made by skilled craftsmen using traditional methods.

The hardiness of their construction enables outdoor display whatever the conditions. The Deer are impressive garden features, the aluminium construction enables you to buy these statement pieces whilst keeping their weight manageable and prices low.

The aluminium construction is durable and strong, withstanding all weather conditions.

All of our unique sculptures are extremely well detailed and are the perfect gift for any nature lover! Our designs highlight the tranquil innocence of nature and the beauty of wild animals.

The bronzed Verdigris finish give the appearance of a shimmering coat and look spectacular nuzzled away in the undergrowth of your garden. These high-quality aluminium garden ornaments are a beautiful and elegant work of art. Suitable for the home and garden, as well as commercial and residential building places.

All of our items are hand packed and checked by our dedicated packing team to ensure that your items arrive undamaged and in the perfect condition!

Save £30!